Important Update: High Demand Causes House of RARE to Restrict its Whitelist Sale to Invite-Only

House of Rare
2 min readNov 18, 2021
Who would have imagined NFT enthusiasts would like Tequila so much? Click to learn more about RAREtequila NFT collection.

Since our beginning, House of Rare saw a steady increase in people’s interest in our proposal: super beautiful 777 NFTs backed by exclusive RARETequila bottles.

Our sales to Private funds were just completed with considerable success. We decided to give equal access to everyone by taking our collection sale to an invite-only approach.

Crypto/NFT traders and enthusiasts started the House of RARE with a mission is to create the most exclusive series of redeemable NFTs for the collectors who would like to add luxurious utility NFTs to their collections.

Click to learn more about House of RARE

We are thrilled to announce that our whitelist process will be invite-only from now. Which allows community members individually selected to receive the opportunity to purchase one of the Tequila NFTs.

How does it work?

Very simple, if you would like to buy RAREtequila NFTs before than anyone else, with discount options, you will need to be invited by an already whitelisted member.

How to Get Invited?

RAREtip #1

Check out House of RARE social media to see which of your friends already follow us. They may already be registered and have some free spots to offer you to enter into the list. Ask them to invite you and go through the link they will send you.

RAREtip #2

Submit a post on social media asking your friends whether one of them can invite you. By using this way, not only your friends and followers will know that you want to get on board, but also they will spread the word by liking or sharing your post too. So their followers can see that you are looking for an invite. Friends of your friends are your friends!

Ask for an invite on Twitter
Ask for an invite on Facebook

RAREtip #3

Join in our waitlist campaign today, complete the community actions so we can gift you Whitelist spots. Simples.

Our NFT Holders are invited to our Private Boat Party at Bayside Marina, Miami during Art Basel Miami Event.

¡Salud! 🍸



House of Rare

House of Rare is committed to creating the most exclusive, redeemable #NFTs for new collectors, enthusiasts and the RAREclub. 🍸