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5 min readOct 28, 2021
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All great stories have great beginnings; that’s a fact more than a say. Ours is not different at all. House of Rare journey began as an idea in the mind of one man. An uncommon, but at the same time, so marvellous idea that just a few days after thinking about it over and over again, our original founder talked with a group of friends to bring this idea alive. It could not stay as just an idea….or just in the mind of a single man.

House of Rare is excited to announce the upcoming RAREtequila NFT series, a Tequila backed NFT (Non-Fungible Token) with premium membership that will bring together NFTs collectors and Tequila enthusiasts.

It all started on a rainy poker night at Miguel´s house (our founder´s house), where a poker game was taking place among some friends. Tequila bottles, rare Tequila bottles, were decorating the environment where the match was taking place… one bottle was sticking out. It turned out to be a super rare Tequila bottle, owner of a super special content with an extraordinary, clean, smooth and fresh flavour. It was a collectors edition bottle earned by Miguel´s father in a quite Mexican “score a hole” contest.

Miguel is a convinced Tequila lover, and it was precisely that love that led him to locate that bottle distillery’s owner. He asked himself if there would still exist a barrel of that precious liquid somewhere hidden in one cellar…there had to be more.. and BINGO! Despite having distilled very little of that limited edition Tequila, Sergio, the distillery owner that has been working on family business since he was 11 years old, found a couple of very aged barrels covered with a thick dust layer due to the passage of time. “Enough for more or less 700 bottles” — Sergio said — “too small for a wide sell but exceptionally good for a scarce, limited edition of special Tequila”. Then Miguel had one of those unique moments in our lives. He had everything very clear: he was a Tequila lover and an avid NFT collector…House of Rare was being born!


House of Rare comes alive today as a result, first and foremost of the desire from a committed team to mix national traditions, fine art, excellence and exclusivity with new technology trends. We, as a team, aimed to bring the most exclusive and rare collections of fine products to our customer base, guaranteeing the originality and exclusivity of the offer by using the power of blockchain technology, specifically NFTs(Non-Fungible Tokens). All our products are identified with one exclusive NFT, and each one of our NFTs are backed up with one rare and exceptional product.

Collectors will get a real-life bottle/NFT, which comes in different rarities and forms of digital art of 777 unique pieces.


Our journey begins with a very limited edition of rare Tequila bottles. Each bottle is redeemable for an exclusive NFT which grants the owner exclusive rights over a given piece. NFT owners can gift or re-sell the NFT and thus transfer the ownership of the real bottle to another person until the bottle is redeemed. The process of redeeming the bottle involves burning the NFT and sending the bottle to its recipient. We guarantee originality, our producer guarantees quality and rarity. Thus, you are guaranteed the best experience whether you are an avid NFT collector or Tequila lover.

RAREclub membership card/NFT


Owning one of our exclusives NFTs will make you the proud owner of a unique article, in this case, owner of a very limited and rare edition of aged Mexican Tequila distilled in an old building in downtown Los Arenales, a prominent tequila production valley. While the NFT can be traded in search of profits, we strongly recommend you to hold it or redeem the bottle and become one of our exclusive and valued VIP RARE Club members.

Each time one of our NFTs is burned the redeemed bottle is sent and the claimant and previous owner of the exclusive NFT is granted another very special NFT(a sort of VIP pass for life). This special VIP NFT will give early access to the next series of limited editions as well as access to our VIP satellite events at major crypto conferences and special discounts at our merch store among other special perks we have prepared for our customer base.

While our competitors burn the NFT during the redemption process, we do the same. Still, in exchange, we turn each NFT holder into a loyal and happy customer by offering perpetual value to the NFT pass we mint, which makes them valuable for life. A collector’s item because of its rarity but with the real value behind as it can be used to get access to our super exclusive RARE Club for VIPs.

One of a kind cellar buried 4 meters below the fertile soils of Tequila, Mexico, carefully aged for more than three years; the RAREtequila’s and House of RARE will deliver the super smooth Plata and luxurious Anejo Tequilas soon to only RAREclub premium NFT collectors.


The next natural step is…you! Yes, you! We want to create around House of Rare an awesome community of avid NFT collectors, Tequila lovers, and in general terms, RARE and exclusive collectors wanting to get premium access to limited editions of the products we’re going to offer. Starting with Tequila, we will not stop until we have a whole range of unique and special products whose authenticity and possession is backed by the incredible NFT technology, allowing us to reach a wide range of collectors… always offering excellence while we keep engagement at higher rates.

Join us in this incredible journey starting today….after all, you must agree with us on one thing: NFTs will always be better with Tequila ;)

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House of Rare is committed to creating the most exclusive, redeemable #NFTs for new collectors, enthusiasts and the RAREclub. 🍸